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Model of The Month

Destination Sweden, reality show star and International

Playmate Veronica Thorsell exposed!

Veronica Thorsell, our international Studio Girl of the month is an experienced model, her career goes all the way from FHM publications to Slitz Magazine and even Playboy Estonia. She is perfect in every sense, but we'll let you discover that on your own. Check out her amazing portfolio. (Remember you can now enlarge any picture by clicking on it.)

P.S. your welcome!

L.A.S - Welcome Veronica, we are thrilled to have such an amazing girl in our hall of fame.

V.T - Thank you for having me : )

L.A.S - Where are you from?

V.T - I am from Sweden.

L.A.S - Tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

V.T - I started by attending modeling competitions and I loved it! I've done it ever since.

L.A.S - Have you ever done nude modeling?

V.T - Yes I have, I have been in Playboy Estonia as a playmate and also I've done some other appearances in other big magazines like FHM, Skinysport and Slitz Magazine.

L.A.S - Were you nervous your first time? Did you found it challenging?

V.T - No, not at all actually! Its not a big thing for me. (Chuckles)

L.A.S - What made it the best modeling experience for you? Tell us more about your special feature in Playboy.

V.T - Oh... had many, but I was really happy to become a Playmate back in 2011, it's like a once in a lifetime experience I also love my many expos for Skinysport.

L.A.S - Have you traveled around the world because of your modeling career?

V.T - Yes I have, for example; I lived in L.A for 3 months during the shooting for a model reality show I also have been blessed with so many visits to different places all around the world.

L.A.S - Besides modeling what other talents you have?

V.T - I love decorating and interior design so that's a bit of a talent. I am also good on editing pictures, I'm kind of a computer geek LOL! And a damn good chef. ; P

L.A.S - Do you kill yourself at the gym everyday to have that amazing body?

V.T - No I don't, I just try not to eat so much junk food to stay in shape.

L.A.S - What does people like most about your body? We love your lips.

V.T - Thank you! I get many compliments about my eyes or my boobs..!

L.A.S - Obviously, we can see why!

V.T - Right? (Laughs)

L.A.S - Our fans would like to know what do you find sexy?

V.T - I like men with confidence but not cocky, a beautiful smile, definitely funny, long hair and tattoos...

L.A.S - Turn On's?

V.T - The same answer there. : P

L.A.S - Turn Off's?

V.T - Ugly teeth, bad smell, men that don't take care of themselves. Also a big turn off is a "Mamas boy", LOL! Like a man that can't handle himself and act like a baby, big turn off!

L.A.S - Complete the following, My favorite time to be naked is…

V.T - Um, (laughs), all the time! Not much in front of other people, but definitely when I’m home alone.

L.A.S - The one thing I do when I’m home alone is…

V.T - to do everything naked while wearing only fluffy socks..hahaha!

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is…

V.T - Hmmm... I can't say that out-loud. (Laughs)

L.A.S - In three years I will…

V.T - Be married and be happy!

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

V.T - Love you all! Enjoy your life and take care of each other.

L.A.S - Thank you for being here it sure has been an honor to have you

as our Studio Girl this month. The best of luck in your career!

Photography Credits: Veronica Thorsell Photo Property. Copyright © 2014 Leo Art Studios. All rights reserved.

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