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Studio Girl of the Month, Miss April

Destination Israel, Tel-Aviv and more.

International beauty Dana Raviv exposed!

Dana Raviv our international girl is under the spotlights to talk about her modeling career, her goals and her secrets... no passport required!

L.A.S - Dana, tell us where are you from?

D - I’m from Israel, very close to Tel-Aviv.

L.A.S - Are you planning your "next step" in your modeling career somewhere else?

D - I prefer staying in Israel and traveling from time to time better than relocating. I enjoy traveling to new places, meeting and working with new people.

L.A.S - Tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

D - I started modeling at the age of 2, much later when I turned 17, that's

when I really got into it. It all started when my friends signed me up for a beauty contest and I couldn't get my parents consent. There was a lot of people who told me that I could never be a model, so I was determined to prove them wrong and later on I just fell in love with it.

L.A.S - Wow! that's an amazing story, you're amazing...

D - (Chuckles) Stop it.

L.A.S - You are a living proof that dreams do come true.

D - Thank you, it's been really hard, but here I am! (Chuckles).

L.A.S - We love your portfolio by the way, "it's out of this world".

D - Well, I have been lucky enough to have met "out of this world" photographers, brands and publicists. I feel great being here too, I'm so exited to be Miss April!

L.A.S - When our photo shoot consultant set your pictures on the desk the choice was obvious.

L.A.S - Besides modeling what other talents you have?

D - Other talents besides modeling; hmmm... I sketch and write, I’m very good with animals I love puppies, I'm a dog trainer.

L.A.S - You must exercise a lot when training and walking dogs, do you kill yourself at the gym to have that great body of yours?

D - I work out 3-4 times a week (wish I had more time for that). I used to hate it, but now I’m more into it. I love zumba, spinning, pilates and dancing in general.

L.A.S - What do people compliment you most about your body, we love your hips.

D - People usually compliment me on my hair and cheekbones.

L.A.S - Have you ever done nude modeling?

D - I've done nude modeling twice. It's a great experience!

L.A.S - How was that experience?

D - I was kind of nervous the first time, but the make-up artist (which is also a really good friend of mine) made me laugh most of the time and helped me relax.

L.A.S - Turn On's?

D - Self confidence and sense of humor, a guy whose passionate and ambitious and also great with animals.

L.A.S - Turn Off's?

D - The opposite of every "turn on" that I've just mentioned Hahaha.

L.A.S - Complete the following, My favorite time to be naked is…

D - On set when doing a very sexy shoot. Somehow I feel empowered when I'm fully naked (Chuckles).

L.A.S - In control...

D - Completely.

L.A.S - We love independent woman that are not afraid of showing who they really are, strong, passionate and...

D - Naked... Hahaha.

L.A.S - I was going to say sexy but naked is good too.

D - Well, I believe that a woman should learn to feel comfortable in her own skin all the time, once your comfortable with that, sexy happens.

L.A.S - That's right. You are truly amazing!

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is...

D - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me... a romantic dinner under the candle lights.

L.A.S - In three years I will…

D - I have a passion for cameras and fashion, I will like to continue my modeling career and someday be part of an important brand, do fashion modeling and be the face and body of an add campaign.

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

D - Thanks for your support and love, I will continue to work hard and bring you the best of my work. Kisses...

It sure has been an honor to have you in our sexy celebrity spotlight we wish you the best of luck, thanks for being here. This has been an exclusive interview from the other side of the world brought to you by L.A.Studios California International.

Photographers: Igal Amar


                             Amir Yakoby

                            Stan Rudnick


                            Gregory Bartadon


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