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Studio Girl of the Month, Miss August

Leave nothing to the imagination, sexy topless DJ

Miss Lynna is here to stay, destination; Bratislava, Slovakia.

Miss Lynna is not only a sexy DJ that loves to perform live and topless, but also a full time model and a published Playboy "Playmate" in Croatia. And now she is here, under our spotlights for an exclusive interview and a never before published picture portfolio. (Hint: look for the "Exclusive" logo.)

L.A.S - Welcome Miss Lynna! Is such an honor to have you with us in this special edition interview.

M.L - Thank you... I'm happy to be here.

L.A.S - Tell us, where are you from?

M.L - I am Czech-Swedish but I live in Bratislava, which is the capital city of Slovakia.

L.A.S - Do you like it?

M.L - I do, I've been everywhere, I moved here from London. Bratislava is a small city, but it offers all the benefits of a "first class city". It's a great place to relax, hang out and enjoy yourself, and at the same time very inexpensive compared to the previous cities where I have lived and worked. You know, places like London, Rome or Vienna.

L.A.S - Sounds like a really nice place to live in, changing the subject, tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

M.L - I started modelling when a friend of mine from Vienna (a make-up artist) invited me to a photo shoot where she was working at, I think this was like, seven years ago.

L.A.S - We know you have a long career of nude modeling, how did you begin? Where you nervous the first time?

M.L - My first photo shoot was fashion modeling, I feel really comfortable with my body, so by the second one (photo shoot) I already knew I wanted to do nude modeling. I loved it, and eventually it took me all the way up to Playboy, so there was no time to get nervous. (Laughs.)v

L.A.S - Besides modeling what other talents you have?

M.L - I also work as a DJ, most of the time I perform topless. (Sexy wink.)

L.A.S - Topless! That's hot...

M.L - Right?! (Chuckles.)

L.A.S - How do you feel about your career so far? We've heard you have your own website tell us about it.

M.L - I feel great...and yes, my fans are never satisfied with the amount of nude pics that I have online, that's why I decided to launch a new website ( to please them with lots, and I mean lots of erotic pics and videos. This new website was launched on April, and since then I haven't stopped producing, editing and uploading new material for my site!

L.A.S - Sounds like your a workaholic?

M.L - (Laughs) Something like that...

L.A.S - What part of your body are you most proud of?

M.L - It's difficult to say, I don't want to point out an specific part of my body, I'll let my fans choose my best features, but people usually tell me they love my eyes, boobs and nipples. (Chuckles.)

L.A.S - We definitely love your boobs.

M.L - Thanks... that's so cute. My fans love em', specially when I'm working as a topless DJ.

L.A.S - How does Miss Lynna seduce a man?

M.L - With a smile, deep eye contact and a striptease.

L.A.S - What word would describe you (intimately)?

M.L - Ask my fans, they always come out with great descriptions!

L.A.S - Complete the following, My favorite time to be naked is…

M.L - the beach, I don't like tan-lines and during the photo shoots because it saves time when choosing your outfit for the next set!

L.A.S - Best part of your body to be kissed...

M.L - My breasts.

L.A.S - The one thing I do when I’m home alone is…

M.L - Have long bubble baths in a hot tub or in a shower massage.

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is…

M.L - I am still waiting to experience that!

L.A.S - Boys shorts, thong or nothing? (Why)

M.L - During winter I wear thongs to stay warm, but during summer I like to go to bed fully nude. When performing topless "DJ-ing" I wear "boys shorts", I never perform fully nude, I need to leave something to the imagination for people to fantasize...

L.A.S - In three years I will…

M.L - ...have one million subscribers on my website and be a recognized "DJ" with records sold worldwide.

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

M.L - I will always be here for you, I love you, thanks for your support. Don't forget to follow me! XOXOXOXOXOXO...



Additional website:


We will like to thank Miss Lynna (Miss Lynna Brand and for the world wide premiere and exclusive collection of images that were reserved for this interview.

Photographers: Vladimir Kocian

                            Claudio Taiana

                            Sam Bauchet


                            Dusan Kristek

                            Albin Hammerle


                           Christof Buddystarr


                          Nacho Naxxx

                          Chris Lord


                          Milan Forst

                          Human Condition

                          Foto Werkstatt


                          Viktor Vauthier

                          David Shieh

                          Fabrizio De Blasio


                          Robert Blaskovic

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