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Studio Girl of the Month, Miss May

Gorgeous, sexy, talented model, Oh! and a DJ.

Destination Cork, Ireland!

Pantera Isis Elektrika is under our spotlights to talk about her modeling career, future projects and more. By the way, did we mentioned she is a DJ?

L.A.S - Welcome! tell us where are you from?

P.I.E - Thanks! Well... I was raised in Southern California, but I left home and started travelling at age 20, so in some way I am from many places!

L.A.S - Do your still live there?

P.I.E - Right now I am living in Cork, Ireland. It is very different from everywhere else I have lived, and it is where my husband is from, so it does feel like a home for me now too.

L.A.S - Tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

P.I.E - I began modelling in Los Angeles when I was 20. I wanted to be an actress too. But I also wanted to travel and have new adventures in the world, so I moved to Hawaii and worked with an amazing photographer there that really encouraged me as a professional. He worked with some of the Sports Illustrated models like Frederique and I new it would be something I would always do.

L.A.S - What was the best modeling experience for you?

P.I.E - I would say being chosen by the Vikings director here in Ireland to come and do a scene on set has been epic. He chose me from some of my latest photos I had sent in, and I got to do a gorgeous tribal dance with Princess Aslaug.

L.A.S - Have you ever done nude modeling?

P.I.E - Yes!

L.A.S - Were you nervous on your first time? Was it hard getting naked?

P.I.E - I have always been comfortable in my own skin, so being nude is

very natural and pleasurable for me. So no, I wasn't nervous. Just inexperienced in how to work with the energy of the camera.

L.A.S - Are you fully satisfied with your body?

P.I.E - I would like to be stronger, but otherwise I am very happy with my body.

L.A.S - Our photo shoot consultant told us that besides modeling you are also a DJ… tell us more about it.

P.I.E - I started to DJ after taking a trip to Tikal in Guatemala and sitting atop on of the temples there. I was with a promoter who had booked me as a dancer for a big "electro" party in the city. But I knew after that trip that I wanted to play music for people. I like to create an ambiance and make people step into a new world for a little while.

L.A.S - What are your future plans in the modeling industry?

P.I.E - I am excited to work with more great photographers and stylists

in order to break old molds and cliches that still have hold on the world. To push myself more as an erotique model, and to develop myself as more of a character, and to tell stories with the photos. I would also love to do more fashion and alternative modeling. I love tattoos and am planning on designing my body some more.

L.A.S - Besides your amazing looking body and DJ skills, how does Isis seduce man?

P.I.E - Thanks for the compliment! The Isis part of me would do something like entice with the fruits of the gods, some nice sweet liquor, and create an enchanting and sultry bedroom...then play some chill music and read some luscious poetry. I am like a cat at times and love sensuality.

L.A.S - Complete the following, my favorite time to be naked is…

P.I.E - In silky sheets with furs and candles around, or on a warm beach.

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is...

P.I.E - That is a tough answer. My husband bought me a plane ticket to come back to him just days after we met and then proposed to me. I would say that takes the cake.

L.A.S - In three years I will...

P.I.E - Be living my dreams and have had the best three years of my life!

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

P.I.E - Follow your heart, trust yourself first and never let anyone put limitations on you.

L.A.S - Thank you for sharing with us your passions, projects and amazing portfolio. You read it first, here at Model of the Month, Pantera Isis Elektrika's exclusive interview directly from Ireland.

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