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Studio Girl of the Month, Miss June

Talented, sexy, dancer, fashion designer.

Destination Saint-Petersburg, Russia. No passport required!

Taja is under the spotlights to talk about her modeling career, her passions and some of her secrets.

L.A.S - Welcome! tell us where are you from?

T - Hi! I'm really happy to be here, well... my motherland is Ukraine. I was born there and lived in Ukraine for almost 5 years.

L.A.S - Where are you living now?

T - My family moved to Russia when I was five, so now I live in Saint-Petersburg. It is a very cultural city with many opportunities for self-development. I’ve got all my education here and I feel really thankful to this city!

L.A.S - Are you planning your "next step" in your modeling career somewhere else?

T - At the moment modeling for me is more like a hobby, my main activity and passion is choreography that’s why I will stay here (Saint-Petersburg) for now, but I have some modeling plans for the future. I’m also thinking about creating my own clothes. I’m working on it, hopefully by the end of this year or next January I will be opening my own online store, where I would like to promote my clothing products and designs. But I’m always ready to participate in interesting modeling projects and collaborate with talented photographers, as long as it doesn’t interrupt my main job’s schedule.

L.A.S - Tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

T - It just suddenly happened. I didn’t expect it at all. I met a photographer a long time ago, her name is Elen. She invited me to take part in a photo shoot for a catalogue she was working on, so I agreed and became part of it. I never thought this experience would be so exciting and interesting to me, modeling it’s such a rush!

After this one photo shoot I became lucky enough to participate in different projects and to collaborate with many talented and professional photographers. My most recent work was in Turku, with Riku Wallin. I truly believe he is one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with. I feel really grateful to have been part of his creative world.

L.A.S - Besides modeling what other talents you have?

T - I am a choreographer, dancer, and performer. I’ve been dancing since I was a child. It’s my passion when I dance I become the rhythm, the more I practiced the more I am able to develop my technique, I have now my own vision of how I could create and express my own art. I always try to experiment and find new forms to express my individuality.

L.A.S - How do you feel about your career so far? We heard you have your own website tell us about it.

T - Yes, I do have my website, if you would like to know more about my art laboratory you can go to hopefully in a few months from now you will be able to see (on my online store) some “sporty-gothic-fashion” clothing designs. I want to start my own brand with the same title. I’ll be really glad if you check it out and I hope you’ll like the style.

L.A.S - We are already exited about it! Changing our topic a little bit, our next question is; have you ever done nude modeling?

T - Yes, of course I have.

L.A.S - Were you nervous on your first time?

T - Sure I was! (Chuckles) But my first nude photo-shoot was with Elen, since she is a woman and I have worked with her several times before I felt really comfortable and that helped me a lot. When I saw the material for the first time I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t vulgarly at all. All of her work is very tasteful, so I felt we did a great job.

L.A.S - Are you planning on doing it again soon?

T - I don’t think so. I already have some in my portfolio and I feel I don’t need to do it again. It is possible, maybe only for a really artistic reason in collaboration with a very professional photographer.

L.A.S - Well, we will have our photo division in California take care of that. Stay tuned fans; we might have more of Taja in the future, exclusively in our studios.

T - We might, not right now, but in the future (Chuckles).

L.A.S - What part of your body are you most proud of?

T - That’s a hard question… Well, I like the energy in my eyes.

L.A.S - What do you mean by that?

T - If I put all my soul into the process of creation it is all visible through my eyes first. Also I think my hands are very important in that process too. I’m really careful with my hands in choreography, (they can express so many different things) and photo shoots are not any exclusion.

L.A.S - How does Taja seduce a man?

T - Haha…I don’t do it. Believe me, there is no need.

L.A.S - What word would describe you (intimately)?

T - I think “mystery“ could be the right word.

L.A.S - Complete the following, My favorite time to be naked is…

T - That depends, once I find the right guy, he will definitely know the answer to this question. (winks seductively).

L.A.S - Best part of your body to be kissed...

T - I don’t mind, anywhere, depends on the kiss.

L.A.S - The one thing I do when I’m home alone is…

T - Of course DANCING!

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is…

T - Well….I’ll prefer to keep it a secret.

L.A.S - Ok, we will throw this question away!

T - (Laughs).

L.A.S - In three years I will…

T - Hopefully be a successful choreographer, dancer, young designer and the most important thing; to always be a good person.

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

T - Thanks for joining me here under the “sexy celebrity spotlight” at Leo Art Studios. I will also like to tell all my fans to believe in themselves and never give up! If you listen to your heart you’ll find all you need to be happy! It is dancing during all your life, isn't it magic? Just listen!

L.A.S - What a great message it sure has been an honor to have you under our “sexy celebrity spotlight” we wish you the best of luck, thanks for being here.

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