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Studio Girl of the Month, Miss March

Destination Hawaii, Hilo and more.

Introducing Vanessa Houle seriously sexy and uncovered.

Vanessa is under the spotlights to talk about her modeling career, her passions and some of her secrets exclusively here at Studio Girl of the Month.

L.A.S - Vanessa, tell us where are you from?

V - Saint Paul, Minnesota.

L.A.S - Do your still live there?

V - No, I live in beautiful Hawaii on the Big Island. I was practically raised here so I consider this my home! It is gorgeous here!

L.A.S - Tell us, how did you get started in modeling?

V - I was always taller than all the kids throughout my grade school days.

When I was around 14 years old I was spotted by a talent scout who gave me their card and helped me sign up with a local talent agency. Modeling has always been a creative outlet for me and I try to be as diverse in every shoot as possible.

L.A.S - Besides modeling what other talents you have?

V - I started designing dresses a year ago after giving up on ever finding long enough outfits for my 6’2” frame. I create daytime and evening styles and love experimenting with a wide variety of styles and materials. I am also a second year beekeeper and very proud to say that I supply pollinators for the neighboring miles worth of fruit and vegetables as well as sell fresh honey to local stores. While I’m not sewing or tending to my bees I am an avid horseback rider. And starting Fall 2014 I will be pursuing my Master’s degree in business and economics.

L.A.S - Our editor told us that some of the dresses in your "Studio Girl" portfolio are of your own creation; is that right?

V - Yes I recently got into designing and sewing my own dresses! I've spent many years working with up and coming designers here in Hawaii and California and got to see how much joy they got out of bringing

sketches to life. My life has always been full of creativity; from making jewelry to painting in watercolors, oil and pen and ink. Designing is another creative outlet that helps keep my life diversified and quite literally keeps me sane! I'm fascinated with fabrics and the way they move on the body, hence why so many of my designs are silk! I also love the texture of fabrics such as satin and lace and love mixing them to create beautiful pieces.

L.A.S - Wow! we are definitely impressed, changing the subject and that's only because we couldn't help to notice; do you kill yourself at the gym everyday to have that amazing body?

V - I have no time to go to the gym! My lifestyle keeps me on my toes constantly and I get a good enough workout just living my life.

L.A.S - What do people like most about your body, we love your legs.

V - My legs are my best assets! I used to be self-conscious that I was so tall but there’s no changing that and now I flaunt my height!

L.A.S - Turn On's?

V - Someone who has goals in life and a plan to work towards them, sense of humor, technologically adept, someone who can be pretty independent yet still keep a relationship healthy.

L.A.S - Turn Off's?

V - Egotistical, bad listener, doesn't know what it means to save your money.

L.A.S - Complete the following, My favorite time to be naked is…

V - While taking a shower. What a pain in the butt it would be to always have a pile of soaking wet clothes! Hahaha.

L.A.S - We heard that you are kinda nerdy, tell us about it.

V - Well, I graduated from undergrad studies with a 3.85 GPA and I am driven enough to go for a Master’s degree! I find learning about business fascinating because I was raised in a family business and find the concepts completely relevant. I also love the TV show Dr. Who, make Pepakura models, take pride in making data spreadsheets and occasionally play video games.

L.A.S - Our fans love girls that play video games. The one thing I do when I’m home alone is…

V - (Chuckles) Go stir crazy. It’s hard for me to take days off! I love gardening so first thing I do is check everything out in the yard. Then I start cleaning the house or go outside to play with my pet pig "Ichi Ni San"! Yes he is over 200 lbs and he loves to talk to me and have me scratch his back.

L.A.S - The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is…

V - The sexiest thing a man has ever done was to be able to read me and know when to make me laugh and smile.

L.A.S - In three years I will…

V - Have graduated with a Master’s degree in business and economics and onward to exploring my business ventures. Hopefully I will be able to help expand my parents business further as well as my own honey operation.

L.A.S - A message to your fans:

V - Be the motivation that others seek! Challenge yourself daily and do not settle for routine.

It sure has been an honor to have you in our sexy celebrity spotlight we wish you the best of luck, thanks for being here. Follow Vanessa 24/7 by clicking on the following links:



Photographers: Cyber Zeds

                          George Retelas



                           Andrew Luo

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